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Core classes are grouped as follows: Prairie (Kindergarten & Grade 1); Savannah (Grades 2 & 3); and Woodlands (Grades 4 & 5).

The Prairie Team (Kindergarten & 1st grade) are separate classrooms. They take field trips to River Bend together and share a special Thanksgiving Feast, however they spend most of their days in their grade level classrooms. Savannah and Woodlands students spend the majority of their day in their Core Classes, which are multi-age, with the exception of the graded math block.

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Weekly Peeks

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First Day Class Web

On the first day we shared our names, grade, and interesting fact about ourselves. We then tossed a yarn ball to the next friend to share. When we were done, we had made a beautiful class web represting we are all connected as one. 


"Sci-Fri" Can You Save Fred?

Fred, the gummy work, has been spending his time boating on the lake near his home. He is not too bright, he is a work after all. He has never learned to swim and he never wears his life preserver. The worst has finally happened! Fred's boat has capsized and he is stuck! His life preserver is caught under the boat, but he cannot reach it without falling into the water and drowning. Can you save Fred? Partners had to save Fred by only using 4 paperclips. 


Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to have a great school year. Together we will learn lots and have fun. Here are a few pictures of what I did this summer. I can't wait to hear all about yours. 


Mailing Flat Stanley

During our State study students read the story of Flat Stanley and then made a "Flat Stanley" of their own. They then selected someone to mail it off to. We have had lots of fun hearing and reading all about their travels throughout the U.S.