About our classrooms

Core classes are grouped as follows: Prairie (Kindergarten & Grade 1); Savannah (Grades 2 & 3); and Woodlands (Grades 4 & 5).

The Prairie Team (Kindergarten & 1st grade) are separate classrooms. They take field trips to River Bend together and share a special Thanksgiving Feast, however they spend most of their days in their grade level classrooms. Savannah and Woodlands students spend the majority of their day in their Core Classes, which are multi-age, with the exception of the graded math block.

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Weekly Peeks

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Discovery Day

On September 28th the entire school of Nerstrand walked to the Big Woods State for Discovery Day. This year our theme was migration. Students traveled to 4 different stations to learn hands on about migration. The stations included a Migration Headache game, an obstacle course, craft station, and walk to the falls. We ended the day with a delicious apple snack from PTO. 


Como Zoo

This year we were one of 11 schools selected to be a part of the Como Zoo Residency Program. The zoo will come and visit our classroom twice and we will visit the zoo throughout the year. We will learn hands on about the Rainforest and Tundra and get a chance to go behind the scenes at the zoo. Students will also get to make enrichments for the zoo animals and make observations of their learning in the zoo journals. 


Prairie Appreciation Day 9/21/18

Today Nerstrand Students traveled to the Big Woods State Park to explore and learn about the importance of the Savannah. Students hiked the trails to two different areas noticing the differences in the amounts of grasses, trees, and temperatures. They then had an opportunity to swing on homemade swings, do a scavenger hunt, and use their senses to discribe the Prairie. It was a very warm afternoon but students enjoyed learning outdoors. 



I hope you had an amazing summer break with family and friends and are ready to start a new year together. I am excited to be your teacher and can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures. Here are a few picutres of what I did.

Lots of lake time on the boat.
  • Lots of lake time on the boat.
  • Tons of fishing and trips to the zoo.
  • Even won some jackpots at Chuck E Cheese!
  • Lots of baseball games.
  • Lots of camping!