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Getting Down and Dirty with Soil!

Woodlands students began their soil surveying project led by Larry Ritchie.  They planted trays of seeds containing different types of soil such as rock, clay, peat, and soil from the Big Woods.  We will watch and measure the plants growth over the next few weeks.


Candy for Military Care Packages

My friends has been happily bringing in some of their Halloween haul to donate for our military care packages.  So far we have enough for 2 and it sounds like many more are still wanting to donate!  We are still looking for a couple names and addresses of a service man or woman in any military branch who is deployed or staying on a base and won't make it home for the holidays.  So far, we'll be shipping to the Parris Island Marine Corp Band in South Carolina as many of their members are not able to travel due to the heavy holiday work schedule.

Harvest Parade

Here are just a few photos from before the harvest parade.  It was a chaoticly fun afternoon full of treats.  My class made Monster Boogers at the end of the day, sadly we forgot to take photos of oozingly good time full of "Eww's" and laughs.  More photos on

  • I think they put the "Oscar Selfie" to shame but they were just too excited to sit still long enough for a picture :).

Fun in Math

During an activity in math, students have to draw nine cards and then find the median (middle number) of the set.  A few students decided to challenge themselves and find the median of the entire deck!  Working together, they found the median of the deck was 5.


Origin Story Presentations

Students have been working very hard putting together a presentation about a Native American origin story.  Students picked which tribe they wanted to read about.  Each group was given a few origin stories to choose from to create a poster and summerize the story to the rest of the class.