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Minute To Win It

As a way to close out the week before the holiday break, my class had a Minute To Win It party.  Friends were placed into 5 teams: Holly Jollys, Sleigh Bells, Jingle Bell Rockers, Merry Mistletoes, and Reindeer Gamers.  With the help of my parents, Doug and Teri Schilling, friends played 4 different games.  Using actual games from the show, students tried as hard as they could to meet each task before minute was up.  The winning team was the Merry Mistletoes who not only put in their best effort, they used team work and supported their teammates and friends on other teams.

Face the Gingerbread Cookie
  • Face the Gingerbread Cookie
  • Tilt a Cup
  • Cliffhanger
  • Cliffhanger was intense!
  • Merry Fishmass
  • The Merry Mistletoes were crowned the winners of the 2014 Holiday Minute To Win It!

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