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Puppets and Reader's Theaters

Students love Reader's Theaters so I thought we'd add the element of puppetry into our performances and this group is doing amazing!  We have so many things going on while working on our projects including glueing, designing, and sewing (Yes, some friends are learning how to hand sew!)  I have even brought in my trusty sewing machine for trickier parts.  Photos of the final projects will be up as soon as we're done creating.


Weekly Peek March 30-April 3rd

Here is this week's peek along with the 4th grade Unit 5 study guide and Unit 6 parent letter.

Rocketry Club

On Saturday, March 7th, ten friends met and began building their rockets from scratch.  This was the first time I was teaching this to 4th and 5th graders and they were total rockstars!  They worked incrdibly hard and put in a huge amount of effort for each and every piece.  The Woodlands classes will be doing a different type of rocket in class and we will have a full rocket launch later this spring.  Date is still to be determined.


Photos, Photos, Photos

Here are just some of the happenings that have been going on in the classroom.  From making masks to Chinese New Year in Music to Art Adventure.  We have been pretty busy doing some amazing things!