Sarah Johnson


Migration Day and Weekly Peek for the week of October 9th

In the fall storks that nest on the chimneys in England migrate to their warmer winter home in Kenya and Tanzania.  We have a stork in our Peace Garden that makes that same trip.  On Thursday the Savannah and Woodland students started our at our England display and learned some facts about these storks from their classmates.  Then they "migrated" the stork to the African display where it will stay for the winter.   

Acorn and Fruit and Veggie Experiment, Weekly Peek for the Week of September 25

This week in Science we continued our plant unit by investigating acorns.  We noticed the different textures on the inside and outside of the shell.  We looked for the little baby sprout waiting in the nut.  We also found some weevil larvae getting ready to make their entrance into the world.  

We continued our seed adventures by finding out just how many seeds there are inside the fruits and veggies we eat every day.  Turns out there are a lot and it can be a messy job counting them!