Carmen Bonde


The latest in Phy Ed

We have been busy in Phy Ed class learning our squads and our routine in class when we are out on the track/field, recess tar and also in the gym.  We spent a little time brainstorming rules for Phy Ed class and I am going to compile and post those as reminders.  The students came up with some awesome rules that they think will make their time in Phy Ed fair, fun and challenging all at the same time for all.  They have been increasing their running endurance as they work toward running the mile later in the month.  We have also started some fitness testing and then we will look at setting some goals that they would like to set for themselves and work towards this school year. 

Getting ready for the new school year

We have been getting the gymnasium ready after the recent renovations.  We also got a new load of sand for the track and ball field, and we'll soon be putting that where it belongs.