Caitlin Haugland


Putting Our Senses to the Test

For the first part of our Human Body unit we have been learning about our five senses and how they work. On this particular day students removed their sense of sight by closing their eyes and tested their sense of touch to guess letters, put puzzles back together, order sandpaper by its roughness, and read Braile. 

Como Zoo Residency

This year the two Savannah classes have a wonderful opportunity to work with the Como Zoo. Together we will be studying the scientific method, the Tundra and Rain Forest habitats and animals at the zoo. The zoo will be coming to our classroom for two lessons and we will be traveling to the zoo for two days of learning. All in all it will be an amazing animal year! 

Here a pictures from their first visit. We practiced the first step of the scientific method by observing five animals closely. In all my years of teaching I never thought I would have a leopard gecko, poison dart frogs, hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, and a hedgehog in my classroom!