A Busy First Week

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dear Families,
It has been a busy first week of school and we are off to an exciting start! It is always fun seeing everyone come back after the summer. Lots of familiar faces but plenty of new faces too. Hopefully the sun is going to making more of an appearance over the next few weeks.

Monday, September 12th, we will start having Homeroom. Homeroom is a time when siblings are together in one of our classrooms in a kindergarten through 5th grade experience. A big focus of homeroom is to establish community within our school, and also for children to be in the Spotlight each year. Matthew Keseley will kick off Spotlight on Tuesday, September 13th with an all school meeting. We are grateful to Lori Amy for designing the Spotlight posters each year. This year’s theme is community.

Next week we head to the Prairie on Friday as we study the Prairie flowers. Because of the amount of mosquitos and wet weather we may reschedule it for the following Friday, September 23rd. We will make that decision early next week, so please watch your emails for updates on Prairie Appreciation Day. According to Larry Richie, many of the monarchs on the Prairie have started their migration to Mexico. We may luck out and see some monarchs that have come down from Canada making their way to Mexico. Attached to this letter is more information about Prairie Appreciation Day.

We are very excited to announce that we have a new music program and activity coming to Nerstrand Elementary School this fall. We will be offering a Drumline course for ALL Woodland students. It does not matter your experience with percussion or music, all are welcome to join and learn! This is an optional program and will be treated as an extracurricular activity although it will be held during the school day. Matthew plans to have the program up and running around the beginning of October and he hopes to debut the line at our first program of the year in December.

The Nerstrand Eagles Drumline will consist of four sections or “lines”, Snare line, Bass (Drum) line, Tenor (pitched drums) line, and a Cymbal line. Matthew will teach all of the basic elements of a drumline. Because of the equipment available to our school and the age/size of our students we will be leaving the marching aspect out. Students will learn about rhythm, ensemble playing and proper percussion techniques along with some history around drumlines. With Matthew’s experience as a professional percussionist, the drum line should prove to be an exciting music opportunity for our students.

Looking ahead, please remember that we will be in need for many volunteers for Discovery Day, which is scheduled for October 7th. In order to volunteer you must have completed the paperwork for a background check. If you are interested in volunteering at all this school year we do need to have a background check completed. If you have questions or are wanting to begin a background check, please check with Barb or myself. We rely on volunteers for many of the activities we do throughout the year. Thank you to all the many volunteers to our school.

If you are interested in being a substitute at Nerstrand we are always in need of substitute teachers and paras. If you would like to be put on our substitute list please see our web site about being a substitute teacher and let the office know if you would like to sub as a para. For both of these positions a current background check must be done before we can contact you about being a substitute.

Mark your calendars for another upcoming event, Curriculum Night on Monday, September 26th from 6:00-7:00 pm. This is a parents only event for teachers to discuss curriculum at their level and answer questions about the upcoming school year. I will also be giving information about our World’s Best Workforce Report as part of our annual meeting. I will be meeting with interested parents before Curriculum Night at 5:45 in the media center.

Finally, thank you for your support of your children and this school. Our staff knows the importance of your involvement. We appreciate all that you do and hope that you never hesitate to contact us with questions and comments.
Maggie Kiley

One last blog

Dear Families,


This is always a time for reflection in schools.  The end of the school year brings change and endings for all the children and adults in their lives.  As a teacher, it has always been a time when I looked back over the year to gain new insights into my classroom and make plans for the future. As a Director I am looking back over the year, school wide, and thinking about the things that stand out in my mind, as well as plans for the future. 


I have enjoyed my first year as Director with its highs and lows and feel a renewed appreciation for the families and staff that make up this school.  It's been exciting being able to visit all of our classrooms and see the many things that your children have been involved in over the course of this year.  Kindergartners always grow so much over this first year. it's always amazing to think back on that very first assembly on our first day of school when they practically bounced into the gym and rang the bell for the first time.  Their growth and change is so very apparent but all our other students have grown and changed this year too.  


On Friday morning we will have our fifth grade graduation which is always a time when we look back over the growth of those graduates.  It is a phenomenal growth in child development that they have made in the 6 years they have been attending elementary school.  The Woodlands classes have been watching the fifth graders spotlight videos from their kindergarten years and I think it is always jolting for them to see how little they really were when they started school.   The fifth graders always are surprised by how young they look and sound and are both delighted and embarrassed by the items they brought in and the way they answered the questions on that first poster.  One fifth grader recently said to me that she was remembering the fact that both boys and girls played together back in kindergarten and nobody ever noticed but now it would be a big deal.  She was wishing that her classmates still had some of that 5 year old freedom and acceptance.   That deep reflection is something many of us feel at this time of year. 


In closing I am sharing a poem by Nolan in Tara's class.  Her class created color poems and this one felt very summery to me.  


Green is calm.

Green is the taste of sweet peppers.

Green is the smell

of cut grass.

It blows at my feet.

Green is the feel of

sticky, sappy

pine trees.


One final photograph of a graduating fifth grader to go along with my last blog post of the year.  I hope all our families have a safe and fun summer.  Thank you for all your support of our school.


From the Desk of Maggie

Happy Spring Everyone!
The tulips are in full bloom in the Peace Garden and everything else is coming out.  Unfortunately the temperatures are still unpredictable so we can't put away all the winter gear, yet.
We've had an eventful week here at school.  The Community Celebration is Friday, and rehearsals in the gym are in full swing.  I heard the Woodlands practicing their speaking parts this morning.  I got a chance to hear Mr. Quie's song last week and it sounds great!  Matthew and the Woodland's students have worked very hard on this song and feel very connected to it.  Well done Matthew and 4th and 5th graders for all the thought you have put into making this song!
This week we also brought back a special event that we have not done in quite a few years--Fancy Lunch.  All of the students watched a video on proper table manners and then each of our three levels, Prairie, Savannah, and Woodlands are having a fancy lunch in the lunchroom.  We used gym mats to create a private dining area and ordered white table cloths from Sodexho so that everyone could practice their table manners.  Carmen played ambient music on her speaker system and teachers helped wait on tables.  It was a lot of fun and the students were so polite!  Thank you to Jan Boudreau for bringing back this special event!
As we move into May things get busier around here, but by the end of that first week all state testing will be completed, which is always a relief.  It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the school year.  As I write this I am preparing to go to my last Spotlight luncheon of the year-it does not seem possible!
Shout out to former Director Lauren Satrom for encouraging me in my blog posts!

From the desk of Maggie

I had the opportunity to teach an art lesson in each of the Savannah classrooms over the last couple of weeks.  The art lesson used many geometric shapes and I asked both classes questions about geometry and if they could define some geometric terms.  They were so enthusiastic about showing off their knowledge.  But I was impressed with how those students who were unsure of some of my questions used their reference books to verify their answers. One of the skills we try to teach children as teachers and parents is how to "find" answers, other than asking someone else.  Because we know that in the real world one of the best skills we can have is where to go to find answers, because it is impossible for us to know everything.  Educators use the term "gradual release of responsibility" for this move towards children being in charge of their own learning and seeing themselves as being able to look for answers.  

From my experience, Math has always been the subject that parents can feel the most challenged about helping with homework.  Since Math does have its own language a website that is a nice place to go for definitions of math terms is  

As I am writing this the Savannah is having their Cinderella Stories Around the World Ball, and all classes are having their Valentine's Day celebrations.  There is a lot of positive energy in the building today from both children and adults!  Next week we look forward to former Governor Al Quie visiting on Tuesday.  He will be our 40th Community Celebration Honoree.  Both Woodlands classes will be at the interview and will be performing his song on April 29th.  On Friday, February 19th, will be our all school field trip to the Minnesota History Museum.  It's fun to have so many wonderful experiences for our students!


All the best,


From the Desk of Maggie

Happy 2016!

We are posting a picture that Cheryl Keller, paraprofessional at Nerstrand, photographed.  I loved that when I saw it, I knew exactly where it was because the views around our school have become so familiar to me over these last 19 years. Some of the most spectacular sunrises I've seen in my life have been in and around Nerstrand.    I never get tired of the beauty I see coming to work each day.  Our physical setting has always had a huge impact on the curriculum of our school as well as the personality of it.  We are nearing the half way point of this school year, which doesn't seem possible.  Although January can be a quieter month around the building, there is always something special going on here.  Our annual trip to the Faribault High School for their Children's play is coming up on the 20th and our school carnival is on the 29th.  I think moving the carnival to January has been a good way to space out the special traditions we have at our school.  

We will also be starting our second round of NWEA/MAP testing beginning 1/19.  This time kindergartners will also be tested for reading and math.  These results will be shared with you during the March conferences.  Your child's classroom teachers will be letting you know the testing schedule in their Weekly Peeks.  We hope that children are rested for testing days so we get the most accurate snap shot of their academic progress.  

We have another special activity coming up this month too.  Our 3-5 graders are going to be given a wonderful opportunity to help take part in the building of an authentic Dakota dug out canoe.  Larry Richie has been working with students at the Faribault STEM school building this canoe and Larry wanted Nerstrand students to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.  On Jan 25th, 27th and 29th Larry will bring the canoe to Nerstrand so that small groups of 3-5th graders can come outside and help with the digging out of the canoe.  The Dakota people used fire as a tool with this construction and so a small, controlled fire is placed in the canoe for up to an hour and then moved to another section of the canoe.  Students will be helping Larry to carve out the charcoal left from the burn.  This canoe is from a cottonwood tree and measures 22 ft. long and 32 in. wide.  Permission forms will be coming home for students who are old enough to be part of this activity.  All students will be able to see the canoe.  This is a project ties in nicely with our tipi experience that will be happening in the fall of 2016.

Even though the Peace Garden is covered in a blanket of snow, and the temperature this morning read -11 we are climbing up towards spring.  By the end of this month we will have almost 10 hours of daylight!  Still, there's plenty of winter left so we ask that you check to make sure your children have all their winter clothes.  We have students go out at recess unless the temperature, or wind chill is under 0.  


Stay warm,

Maggie Kiley


Nerstrand School

Winter Holidays

It doesn’t seem as if it can possibly be close to the winter holidays when I look out at the Peace Garden and see grass and not a bit of snow.  We all know how quickly the weather can change here, though, so we’ll be having students bring home all their winter gear over the break, but they’ll need to bring it back in January.  We are no longer sharing any clothing from the lost and found, so it is very important to be sure to send your child to school with snow pants, boots, hats, mittens and coats.

It’s a pleasure to see the first Eagle’s Nest go out.  This school newspaper has been a long standing tradition at our school.  It’s been going on for over 20 years!  It’s been nice seeing all of the writing going on around the building in anticipation of the Eagle’s Nest and for other projects.  One of the projects I have seen is the Savannah students have been working on sending letters back to their Pen Pals at Bridgewater Elementary School in Northfield.  The Savannah students seemed really focused on their writing knowing that they had an audience outside of their classroom that they were writing to.  It’s a very cool project!

I am writing this the day after our Holiday Program which was wonderful.  I have gotten so many positive comments about the performance.  It was special seeing Matthew put together his first program and to pull it off so beautifully.  We are grateful to all our families for the support and effort you put in to make this program a success.  I know from personal experience the morning after a concert can be challenging as a parent!

As we move closer to the winter break we also move into another phase of the school year.   By the end of January we will be half way through this year and the days will be getting longer.  I hope all of the Nerstrand families enjoy the winter break.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2016

From the Desk of Maggie

I have been looking through old binders and files in my office and came upon our Mission Statement, which we still have today.  Our mission statement says that Nerstrand Elementary School will empower students to be self-directed, lifelong learners by providing a nurturing, multiage environment that fosters cooperation and character development.  

On this same page it then went on to state specific purposes of our school.  I believe we worked on these when we initially chartered.  Our staff at that time did a great deal of reflecting on what were essential characteristics of Nerstrand School we wanted to preserve and articulate.  The one purpose that jumped out at me was that Nerstrand School was to provide a warm, nurturing, joyful environment filled with curiosity and celebration.  In an era where testing is emphasized it is refreshing to talk about the joy and celebration of learning and to emphasize that as part of our purpose.  I believe that purpose is still relevant for us today.
In parent surveys and information gathered from visitors one of the most consistent comments/compliment we have received is that the atmosphere of our school is positive, warm and nurturing.  As visitors walk through the Peace Garden and into our school I hope everyone feels a sense of community and caring.  
I hope that children and adults always feel welcome at our school and as we prepare for conferences we look forward to seeing families.  Conferences will be held November 23rd & 24th from 3:30-8:00pm and on the morning of the 25th.  

A Note From Maggie

Happy Autumn Everyone,

We are having such a beautiful fall and that makes our beginning of the school year that much better.  This is my favorite time of the school year and brings back wonderful memories of when I was a child in elementary school.  Around the building I see teachers putting up autumn decorations, Larry's put the corn stalk outside the front of the school, the leaves are turning and we have completed our first walk to the State Park.   I hope that your family's return to school has gone smoothly, although I know from personal experience it's one of the biggest upheavals for families each year.  
Over the next 3 to 4 weeks we will be giving  NWEA (Maps) testing and are hoping to have all of those results in time for conferences in November.  Only 1st through 5th graders take these tests and they are tested in both reading and math.  Please check your child's Weekly Peek to see when they will be testing.  
It's definitely gotten chillier this week so it looks like it's time to dig out the winter gear.  Please be sure to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  The communication between home and school is such an important part of children's success.  I hope you all feels comfortable contacting me.



Prairie Appreciation Rescheduled

Because of the large amount of rain we've had the last couple of days, we have decided to reschedule Prairie Appreciation Day for next Friday, Sept. 25. Two staff members went out to the Prairie this morning and it was very muddy and wet where our activities are to be held, The forcast is also calling for more rain around 1:00 today, about the time we are to board busses. We hope you will consider volunteering next week, Thank you for your help.