Our First Eagles' Nest of the Year

The first Eagles Nest of the year is always a milestone and gives families a peak into activities within classrooms.  This month will also include our first set of Report Cards.  Although classrooms are busy throughout the building, the music room is especially active, as Matthew prepares the students for this year's first musical program on December 14th.  It will be an Americana theme with old songs from the past that I remember from my childhood.  It is sure to be a wonderful evening on December 14th.  We will also be having our Migration Day on 11/15. Monarchs and storks will migrate to their winter homes courtesy of the 1st graders (monarchs) and the Woodlands students (storks). We also have a new addition to the Peace Garden: artic terns. Out Savannah students will be in charge of “migrating” these terns each year. The tern have been designed by Nerstrand students, and built by the Peace Garden Students. The Peace Garden keeps evolving and changing, and is a central focus of our school. We are so grateful for Larry Richie bringing the idea of the Peace Garden to Nerstrand.

 Enjoy the first issue of the Eagles Nest.  Thank you to all of our families for your continued support of our school!Best,