One last blog

Dear Families,


This is always a time for reflection in schools.  The end of the school year brings change and endings for all the children and adults in their lives.  As a teacher, it has always been a time when I looked back over the year to gain new insights into my classroom and make plans for the future. As a Director I am looking back over the year, school wide, and thinking about the things that stand out in my mind, as well as plans for the future. 


I have enjoyed my first year as Director with its highs and lows and feel a renewed appreciation for the families and staff that make up this school.  It's been exciting being able to visit all of our classrooms and see the many things that your children have been involved in over the course of this year.  Kindergartners always grow so much over this first year. it's always amazing to think back on that very first assembly on our first day of school when they practically bounced into the gym and rang the bell for the first time.  Their growth and change is so very apparent but all our other students have grown and changed this year too.  


On Friday morning we will have our fifth grade graduation which is always a time when we look back over the growth of those graduates.  It is a phenomenal growth in child development that they have made in the 6 years they have been attending elementary school.  The Woodlands classes have been watching the fifth graders spotlight videos from their kindergarten years and I think it is always jolting for them to see how little they really were when they started school.   The fifth graders always are surprised by how young they look and sound and are both delighted and embarrassed by the items they brought in and the way they answered the questions on that first poster.  One fifth grader recently said to me that she was remembering the fact that both boys and girls played together back in kindergarten and nobody ever noticed but now it would be a big deal.  She was wishing that her classmates still had some of that 5 year old freedom and acceptance.   That deep reflection is something many of us feel at this time of year. 


In closing I am sharing a poem by Nolan in Tara's class.  Her class created color poems and this one felt very summery to me.  


Green is calm.

Green is the taste of sweet peppers.

Green is the smell

of cut grass.

It blows at my feet.

Green is the feel of

sticky, sappy

pine trees.


One final photograph of a graduating fifth grader to go along with my last blog post of the year.  I hope all our families have a safe and fun summer.  Thank you for all your support of our school.