Nerstrand welcomes our new School Director!

Dear Families of Nerstrand Elementary School,

As promised, I am getting back to you regarding the search for your new school director.  The interviews with two outstanding candidates were concluded late last week, after which the selection committee made their decision.

I am pleased to announce that Maggie Kiley has accepted the offer to serve as your new director.  As most of you know, Maggie taught grades 4/5 at Nerstrand School for the majority of her career.  In 1999, when Nerstrand School was chartered, all teachers at Nerstrand were granted Leaves of Absence from the Faribault School District.  When the Leaves of Absence expired in the spring of 2013, Maggie returned to the Faribault District, assuming a 4th grade teaching position at Lincoln School.

Maggie shares that she greatly enjoyed working with the students and staff at Lincoln, but that she feels better suited to a small school environment.  She considered applying for the directorship at Nerstrand during the last search but decided at that time to remain in the classroom. She now feels that the time is right for her to assume a leadership role and she is grateful for the opportunity to serve the school that means so much to her.

Nerstrand School has always been greatly supported by the Faribault Public Schools.  The District served as the charter school authorizer for many years and they continue to support Nerstrand as responsible and responsive landlords. Upon receiving her resignation, the District immediately posted her position at Lincoln. 

I want to thank the interview team for coming together on such short notice. Maggie is currently in Ireland with her family – where the time zone is six hours ahead of ours -  so we conducted a teleconference interview.  Thank you, Mike Ross, Carmen Bonde, and Tara Vondrasek for your participation on the interview team.  It was a privilege to work with you on this very important task.  They designed excellent interview questions that enabled us to gain critical feedback from our highly qualified candidates. 

Maggie will be in Ireland with her family until returning in time for Workshop Week.  She has asked me to share with you how honored she is by the invitation to serve Nerstrand School as its new director.  She looks forward to greeting you at the Open House on September 3rd and working with you and your children throughout the school year. 

Best regards,
Bonnie Jean Flom,
Hiring Committee Coordinator