In Loving Memory

This past summer Nerstrand School lost a past principal and friend to our school and community. Dennis Deanovic passed away last July and leaves a lasting memory with us in the shape of an elephant in our Peace Garden. The Jack Cruikshank family made a memorial gift donation to the Deanovic family who in turn passed it on to the Peace Garden Committee at Nerstrand School. A trellis with a Chinese motif was purchased and placed in the garden by the Great Wall of China. We thank both the Deanovic family and the Cruishank family for the beautiful donation.  

We would also like to thank all the families who have generously donated monetarily to the Peace Garden in the past. It has allowed us to add to the Peace Garden every year. Thank you very much!

Pictured: Alex, the grandson of the Cruikshanks' and a member of the Peace Garden Committee.