Japan Educators visit our school


Our friends from Japan have visited us several times at Nerstrand Elementary School to continue their research on student-centered education. This week, on the morning of October 31, 26 visitors toured school with Nerstrand Elementary student ambassadors, gathered school data and ask questions about programming and curriculum.

The leaders of the group, Kenshi Uesugi, Principal at Green Hills Elementary and Middle Schools, Mr. Mizutani and Ms. Yoko Ide, have been visiting and hosting EdVisions Schools staff and teachers for the past ten years.  This was their third visit to Nerstrand Elementary. Most of the visitors in the group were Japanese university students. This group has formed The Project Based Learning Institute of Japan (http://pbl-japan.com). Both Professor Uesugi and Yoko work at from Chiba University (http://www.chiba-u.ac.jp/e/). Along with the leaders, the visitors included: teachers, nonprofits employees (that are working to prevent drop outs), College of Education faculty and the company Community and Education Project (http://www.candep.com).  

The focus of the trip was to look at the need for student-centered education in Japan and to help the group build a framework for this “student as the worker” model (rather than the “teacher as the worker “ model in traditional education). During the afternoon, the group visited Avalon Charter School in St. Paul.