Holiday Sharing Project

As you step into out school these days, the halls are filled with many happy children practicing their holiday program songs. Or maybe you notice the smell of tempra paint. Why you ask? The children are busily drawing and painting some of the background pictures that will be used for the program. As you travel on down the breezeway you will notice decorated garland hanging from the ceiling and a decorated tree in the greenhouse. But these are not just any decorations. These decorations are hats, mittens and golves that will be donated to St. Vincent DePaul, in Faribault, and given to children and families in need. Our holiday program this year is titled, "The Snow Tree" and focuses on the gift of giving. In that spirit, we are asking for donations of new hats, gloves, and mittens for individuals who are in need. This is an opportunity for our school family to support this local program and help children and adults to stay warm during the winter months. Over the years, we have been impressed by how these projects collectively unite students, while at the same time teaching them the value of giving to those in need. The donations will be delivered to the St. Vincent DePaul facility in Faribault on Friday, December 20th in the morning. We have a good start, but need many more items to reach our goal. If you can help, please send unwrapped hats, mittens, or gloves to school before the 20th of December and let's see if we can fill the garland and tree. And of course, we would like to see you at our Holiday Program which will be on December 19 at 12:45 and 6:45 PM.