End of Year Coming Quickly

Dear Families,


We have begun the wind down to the school year.  End of year events began with the 5th grade Dare Graduation and the Community Celebration.  Next week is the All District 5th grade Field Day and Fly Up Day at school.  The final Eagle's Nest is being put together and once again, I am surprised by how quickly the year has gone. 

It has been an exciting year, with our new chromebooks that we were finally able to purchase.  All the teachers have been using them in their classrooms.  It's so much easier having access to them in classrooms and not having to go down to the computer lab every time students need to use a computer.  Teachers are excited by the different ways they can use this technology in their classrooms.  In the Woodlands classes during their Science Fair unit the chromebooks were being used frequently.  The two Prairie classes have a set of 6 for each of their rooms and are able to integrate them into their curriculum as well.

Last night was the new Kindergarten parent meeting.  Many new parents will be joining our school, which is exciting, along with seeing parents of current students.  The 6 years of elementary school are a profound time of life for children, and it is remarkable how quickly those 6 years can pass.  I was still teaching in the Woodlands the year the current 5th graders started school.  I remember having some of them in my Homeroom as kinders, and nothing marks time like the growth of children.  To remember them as kinders and then to see them about to leave elementary school is always startling.  We hope they continue to learn and thrive in their new setting.  

We also say goodbye to some families that have been a part of our school for many, many years.  I had one parent of multiple children that have attended Nerstrand say that she felt that she and her husband should be ringing the bell as well as their 5th grader.  Saying farewell to their family's time at Nerstrand is a big moment for them.  We send good wishes with all of our families that are changing settings too.

As we finally see the end of this very long winter and welcome spring and then summer, I hope that all of our families can enjoy the summer.  Thank you for your support of our school.  Again, we wish all the best to our departing 5th graders and look forward to returning students in the fall.