The End of the School Year

This picture was drawn by 5th grader Riley

Dear Families,

The final Eagle's Nest is going out, last Monday I had my last Spotlight Luncheon and we scheduled our final activities at our last staff meeting.  It's definitely the end of the school year!  

In my mind the school year always felt like my students and I were boarding a large ship for a 9-month voyage.  Everyone in the classroom was a part of the crew and although I was Captain, all my students had an impact in where our ship would take us.  Everyone was essential and had an impact on the voyage.  As Director I still see the school year as a voyage, but with a much bigger crew.  

This year's voyage took the Savannah to the Island of Animals, with visits from the Como Zoo and to both of our metro zoos.  They loved travelling on the zoo bus!  They also traveled through their Flat Stanleys and the Iditarod Dog Race.  They made beautiful art and they became strong readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists this year.  

The Prairie spent time learning about color science with Linda Bonde.   They spent time with Larry: making corn shocks, examining the dugout canoe, planting bulbs, migrating butterflies and especially loved the tipi experience.  At River Bend Nature Center, they got to experience three different seasons, and the kids still talk about things they learned and did.  Kinders spent a lot of time learning how to make letters, then make words, then write words, then read words!! Wow, lots of growing! It was fun to make 'zoo suitcases': Students learned about 11 different animals, then saw them for real at the Minnesota Zoo. The Prairie learned to 'be kind, be safe, and be helpful' each and every day in their classrooms. Woodlands 5th graders journeyed to Wolf Ridge and learned about team work and environmental science.  They built rockets and blasted them off in the field.  They spent time learning about the properties of water and chemistry and spent a lot of time learning to get along with others.  They wrote their own song about a former teacher whose resilience and positive spirit has helped her through some of life's greatest challenges.  

The year in PE started with much time spent outside on the track and field area getting ready for and running the mile (grades 1-5) and half-mile (kinders) as well as learning some new skills and improving on emerging skills. All classes once again enjoyed a week of the popular "highway" game where they rode scooters safely around a large obstacle course in the gym.  In the spring everyone participated in a Jump Rope for Heart event.  All classes raised funds to help those with heart disease as well as increase their awareness of heart health.  Our school raised an amazing $4712 this year and everyone had fun jumping rope for the week.  

This year in Music was the first year of Drumline.  There was a lot of excitement in the Woodlands about Drumline.  Savannah students started learning to play the ukulele and did Recorder Karate.  Prairie students got to use boom wackers and practice singing for two big concerts.  

Everyone got to go on two big field trips, deliver beautiful May Day flowers that are still in the front of houses around Nerstrand and so many other things that would take too long to name.  It's been an eventful year that seemed to fly by with much learning, laughing and growing.  

I wish your family a safe and happy summer.  I wish the best to all of our graduating fifth graders, and look forward to seeing returning families in the fall.  Thank you for all your support of our school and your students.

Happy Summer Everyone!