From the desk of Maggie

I had the opportunity to teach an art lesson in each of the Savannah classrooms over the last couple of weeks.  The art lesson used many geometric shapes and I asked both classes questions about geometry and if they could define some geometric terms.  They were so enthusiastic about showing off their knowledge.  But I was impressed with how those students who were unsure of some of my questions used their reference books to verify their answers. One of the skills we try to teach children as teachers and parents is how to "find" answers, other than asking someone else.  Because we know that in the real world one of the best skills we can have is where to go to find answers, because it is impossible for us to know everything.  Educators use the term "gradual release of responsibility" for this move towards children being in charge of their own learning and seeing themselves as being able to look for answers.  

From my experience, Math has always been the subject that parents can feel the most challenged about helping with homework.  Since Math does have its own language a website that is a nice place to go for definitions of math terms is  

As I am writing this the Savannah is having their Cinderella Stories Around the World Ball, and all classes are having their Valentine's Day celebrations.  There is a lot of positive energy in the building today from both children and adults!  Next week we look forward to former Governor Al Quie visiting on Tuesday.  He will be our 40th Community Celebration Honoree.  Both Woodlands classes will be at the interview and will be performing his song on April 29th.  On Friday, February 19th, will be our all school field trip to the Minnesota History Museum.  It's fun to have so many wonderful experiences for our students!


All the best,