From the Desk of Maggie

I have been looking through old binders and files in my office and came upon our Mission Statement, which we still have today.  Our mission statement says that Nerstrand Elementary School will empower students to be self-directed, lifelong learners by providing a nurturing, multiage environment that fosters cooperation and character development.  

On this same page it then went on to state specific purposes of our school.  I believe we worked on these when we initially chartered.  Our staff at that time did a great deal of reflecting on what were essential characteristics of Nerstrand School we wanted to preserve and articulate.  The one purpose that jumped out at me was that Nerstrand School was to provide a warm, nurturing, joyful environment filled with curiosity and celebration.  In an era where testing is emphasized it is refreshing to talk about the joy and celebration of learning and to emphasize that as part of our purpose.  I believe that purpose is still relevant for us today.
In parent surveys and information gathered from visitors one of the most consistent comments/compliment we have received is that the atmosphere of our school is positive, warm and nurturing.  As visitors walk through the Peace Garden and into our school I hope everyone feels a sense of community and caring.  
I hope that children and adults always feel welcome at our school and as we prepare for conferences we look forward to seeing families.  Conferences will be held November 23rd & 24th from 3:30-8:00pm and on the morning of the 25th.