The Beauty of Fall

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that we are already over 6 weeks into this school year.  It's a beautiful time of year at the Little School in the Big Woods.  Included is another picture by para professional, Cheryl Keller, of our picturesque school.

 Tonight is our first night of conferences for this school year.  They are about a month ahead of when we have traditionally held them, so expect to hear about how your child/children are adjusting to school.  There will also be information about beginning of the year assessments .  Classroom teachers may also discuss some reading interventions that have been begun throughout all of the grade levels.  This is our second year of using a reading intervention program created by the University of Minnesota.  The name of the program is PRESS. The primary goal of PRESS is to work with teachers and administrators to establish school-based systems and practices for all K-5 students to become capable readers.  If your child is in an intervention group then a letter has already been sent home from me.  Please contact me or your child's classroom teacher if you have any questions.

We can experience unpredictable weather this time of year, but before long it will turn cold.  We try very hard to have students play outside each day so snow pants, boots, jackets, hats and mittens will be needed soon.  We do not keep extra clothing at school anymore so if your family needs help with any of these essentials please let us know. 

 Looking ahead, after the MEA break, we have the Halloween parade on October 31st.  We are grateful to the Nerstrand businesses  for participating in this annual tradition.  In November we will have Art Adventures, Tipi Week and report cards going home before the Thanksgiving break. 

 Next week our Savannah classrooms will be headed up to the Como Zoo as part of the grant they received this year.  It's hard to tell who is more excited about this grant, the teachers, Tara Vondrasek and Sarah Johnson, or the students.   Congratulations to Tara and Sarah for bringing this opportunity to their students.  

 I hope you are enjoying the fall weather.


 Maggie Kiley