Art Adventure Program Comes to Nerstrand School

Kurt Klett presents Maggie's students with A Rainy Day on Hennepin Ave. circa 1902

The Art Adventure Program introduces K-6 students to works of art from a variety of cultures. Trained school volunteers visit classrooms with posters of art relating to a common theme, such as animals, celebrations, or relationships. This year the theme is How People Lived. This program is a way of bringing works of art that can't leave the museum into elementary school classrooms. Each of the ten Art Adventure reproduction sets features eight works of art chosen around a theme of particular interest to children. A Picture Person in a volunteer from the school community who presents the reproductions in the classrooms. Before they visit any classrooms, Picture People come to the museum for a training session on the reproduction set their school will be using that year.  The Picture Person encourages the children first and foremost to look at the reproduction and talk about what they see. They will facilitate the discussion with thoughtful open-ended questions and related props rather than delivering "lecture" style information.Picture Person presentations provide students with a rare opportunity to spend time looking at art and express what they see in words. Students gain confidence in their ability to find meaning in artifacts from a wide range of world cultures. They practice seeing things from another person's point of view, whether it's their classmate's or the artist's. They feel the thrill of meeting an old friend when they later come upon familiar objects at the museum. And, not least, they enjoy meaningful contact with a visiting member of the school