April Family Update

Dear Families,


As we move into the final weeks of the school year, I hope you are doing well.  Although the Covid-19 case rates are rising in Rice County I still feel hopeful that Nerstrand School can continue in person schooling until the end of the year.  


Our next big challenge will be classroom quarantines.  If a child or staff member in a particular class is diagnosed with Covid-19, that classroom will have to go into a possible 14 day quarantine.  This recently occurred with our 3rd graders.  If your child(ren)’s classroom has to go into quarantine, we will organize a contactless pickup on the earliest school day after we announce the quarantine.  Teachers will have work for students on the day of pickupSince our classrooms have distance learning experience, teachers will be able to keep learning going with little interruption to the schedule.  


We realize that the majority of families do not love Distance Learning.  However, teachers have a professional responsibility to keep learning happening for all of our students this year.  We are all sick and tired of the effect the pandemic has had on this school year but teachers are still teaching to students during a quarantine.  We expect that children will be online each day and working along with their classmates.  Incomplete work will be expected to be completed when students return to school.  


It continues to be essential that families follow the CDC guidelines of mask wearing and social distancing so that we can stay in session.  Please help us to make sure we can stay in person!


I am pleased to report that we have had few broken chromebooks and chargers this year.  We do appreciate families giving any kind of donation when things get lost or broken.  


As we move into spring, we look forward to warm weather and being able to be outside more.  We are also enjoying having Liz Nelson teaching art to our classrooms.  Liz will be working here until May 11th.  We will have another digital art show sent out to families.  All of the children look forward to her lessons and it has been a bright spot in a hard year.  


I will also be sending more information about end of the year assessments, specifically the State tests (MCA’s) given to all 3rd-5th graders.  Classroom teachers will be giving more specifics about testing days, but families can help their children by making sure they are well rested before test days.


I am excited that we have completed another month in this hard year.  Thank you for all of your support and help in making this year the best it can possibly be under difficult circumstances.